Initiating Generative Masculinity

Peer Mentoring & Leadership Skills for Men & Boys…


Our Mission

…to inspire and empower adolescent boys, young adult males and men and the communities to which they belong to embrace and steward deeper understandings of the unique gifts and potentials of generative masculinity.  

Our Goals

…to grow an international peer-mentoring network of men and boys, initiated to the values of generative masculinity, rooted in authentic service to LIfe.


The Mentor Journey - Ground Work & Foundations


This is the beginning for any man wishing to get involved with this programme.

On this residential education programme, spread over 5 days, you’ll learn about the developmental arc of masculinity thru the lens of your own journey toward adulthood. Along the way you’ll learn and practice the fundamentals of our mentoring approach, get connected to a peer-network of men and build confidence in your ability to communicate authentically. You’ll also take home some nuggets of wisdom to share.


Awaken The Inner King - The Deep End of Leadership


On this residential programme we begin to explore the deeper structures of masculinity.

Mythology, depth psychology, time in nature, honest reflection and dialogue are all in the mix. We navigate via the original archetypal map of the masculine psyche - King, Warrior, Magician and Lover whilst learning a powerful set of listening, coaching and mentoring tools that will serve you in any context. You’ll leave having deepened your understanding of your own unique leadership qualities and a carrying a sense of how you want to contribute.


Fire in the Kings Cup - Deep Nature Immersion Vision Quest


This is a full 12 day Deep Nature Immersion; a contemporary initiation ritual for men.

It’s been used by indigenous and ancient cultures for millennia to ensure individuals and their communities remain generative and vital. Several months of your own preparation, 4 days at Severance basecamp, 4 days solo fasting (with water) in Threshold, and 4 days back at basecamp for Incorporation. After that you’ll have access to your network of peer mentors.


Annual Mentor Gathering & Council


Each year we gather as a community of mentors to share our stories, wisdom and insight. We gather to learn from each other, spend time in nature, celebrate and have fun.

This event is open to men who have completed The Inner Mentor Journey and / or Fire in the Kings Cup



“A society grows wise when men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” — Greek Proverb.


Image - Glen Affric. Scotland. UK.

Our beginning

In 2006 I returned from a work / study / adventure trip to the USA. Inspired by a community of friends, mentors and teachers I was hungry to find a tribe of men who shared my passion and depth of vision for living a meaningful life. I started running a small men’s group in Bristol, SW England.

Whilst looking for ideas and insight to support my fledgling initiative I descovered the Jungian analyst Dr. Robert Moore. He’d studied the development of the masculine psyche across many cultures over decades and written cogently about his findings. Arguably, the world’s leading authority on the subject, serendipitously it seemed, he was in Scotland offering a week long programme. During that week, along-side 80 or so other men I learned many useful things, met some good men and I heard some statistics that shook me to the core.

Fast forward 5 years. I’d learned a whole lot more and some heartbreaking lessons. My take away was that masculinity was and is, undeniably in a deep self-perpetuating crisis at every level of society. It seemed the facts are so deeply buried in our culture and we, men and women, are so used to dealing over again with the escalating consequences that we assume its ‘normal’. The facts are hard to speak to without becoming embroiled in the regressive and fragmenting forces of our culture’s pathologically adolescent and polarising attitude.

Along the way I discovered many who claimed to be addressing the issues seemed to caught creating more of the same, and moreover, fiercely defending their right to do so.

Masculinity is not inherently toxic, but the roots of masculinity are not nurtured adequately. Rather, contemporary culture in its ignorance and forgetting provides next to nothing by way of adequate social structures capable of activating the deeper generative potentials hardwired into masculinity. Sadly, for us all, contemporary culture actively distorts and suppresses the core developmental needs of masculinity from cradle to grave.

Whilst that situation continues, we shall not grow creative boys capable of becoming engaged adolescent young men, who in turn will not become psychologically and emotionally mature adults. Without them, neither shall we have wise, compassionate male elders.

Robert became my mentor for a while. The Helios Fellowship is a reimagining of what’s possible when men plant trees in who’s shade they will never sit. In doing so I hope the men and women who, each in their own ways, contribute to our aim of re-awakening the principles and practices of generative masculinity create personal and social legacies that ripple out in good ways for decades.

Paul J Howell - 07/19


“Life Shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage”

Anais Nin


Image - Sugar Bowl Canyon. Sequioa NP. USA.

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